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A Healthy Brain

Cognitive decline is a brain health issue that affects almost everyone either directly or with a loved one.

It happens earlier than you might think. The science behind cognitive decline is changing rapidly. In 2015, preventative strategies were unheard of. Now, the World Health Organization has released its first version of preventative guidelines. The publication is supported by extensive research like the FINGER study. The FINGER study was a randomized clinical trial that focused on patients with mild cognitive impairment.

The goal was to determine if their lifestyles impacted their brain health — the results were overwhelming. Studies, like the ones provided below, have proven that the best approach to brain health is a combination of conventional and integrative medicines.

  • Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) A 2-year multicenter randomized controlled trial with 1260 participants aged 60-77 years. 
  • An additional article detailing findings from FINGER was published in April 2018 in the prestigious JAMA Neurology Journal. 
  • Reversal of Cognitive Decline: 100 Patients The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism published a study in October 2018 by Dr. Bredesen. It outlines 100 patients with cognitive decline who were assessed and treated with this multi-component, precision medicine approach showing documented cognitive improvement. Three dementia patients receiving treatment by Dr. Craig Tanio at Rezilir Health are included in this study. 

I Need Alzheimer’s Care

This is what makes Rezilir different. We do not focus on one type of medicine or practice, instead, we explore all science and evidence-based paths to determine which methods will improve your health. 

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from cognitive decline, Rezilir’s ROAD Protocol can help.

Dr. Tanio is fully certified in the ReCODE™ Protocol for cognitive decline and is successfully treating patients for this condition. Based on Recode, our Road Protocol (Revision of Alzheimer’s Disease) is designed for patients who want to take an aggressive approach to their care management. We will conduct a detailed, diagnostic assessment following Dr. Dale Bredesen’s research on the 44+ root causes that can affect the production of amyloid plaque in the brain. These causes range from inflammation, insulin resistance, toxins, infections, hormone, sleep, vascular, drug side effects and traumatic brain injury.

Additionally, we will order extensive cognitive and diagnostic lab tests to include measures of inflammation, glucose metabolism, hormones, heavy metals, biotoxins, chronic inflammatory conditions, cytoprotection, and barrier leaks as well as extensive genetic testing to identify both benefits and potential risks that lie within your DNA.

The DNA genetic test provides comprehensive, clinical-focused knowledge of your individual health risks and benefits within your genetic make-up. Finally, we will meet with you to review your results and discuss the findings on what is contributing to your cognitive decline. You will be provided with a full assessment summarized in a written, detailed report. It will include a detailed summary of the required care to address the metabolic findings that are uncovered with the assessment using precision medicine and functional medicine principles. 

We need to change our mindset about brain health. Alzheimer’s is a preventable condition, just like cardiovascular disease. As people get older they have the power in their hands today to optimize their brain health just like they optimize their physical fitness. We can give patients those tools. As a result, everyone in their forties and fifties should get screened for brain health. Anyone with symptoms should come in and get a personalized program to keep their brain health at an optimum level.

Dr. Craig Tanio

Many variables influence our health. Here are a few we focus on:

Understanding your lifestyle: Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress plays a crucial role in your brain health. We take steps to measure and improve these variables.

Analyzing environmental exposures: From water-damaged buildings to pesticides used on golf courses, we are exposed to toxins daily — each of us reacting differently. We will take the time to investigate these potential triggers.

Brain strengthening: Our brain is a big muscle and just like any other muscle, it needs exercise. 

Understanding the root of the problem: Our approach includes extensive testing of genes, nutrition, inflammation, infections, vascular health, and toxins. These tests will help us determine a customized and evidence-based plan.  

We usually find at least 8 to 20+ treatable, addressable findings in our assessment. Our treatment plan incorporates a wide range of following modalities – lifestyle changes, fixes to the patient’s environment (clean air, water, home), nutritional supplements, detoxication, intravenous therapy, herbs, pharmaceuticals, hyperbarics, light therapy, and neurofeedback. We help patients implement the treatment plan with ongoing management and coaching with our interdisciplinary team. Your Treatment Plan will be 100% customized specifically to you. As we develop the treatment plan, we incorporate your values and preferences and create a customized program that can be implemented in the next 6 to 12 months. 

Our team will work right alongside you, offering a custom, evidence-based plan that will optimize your brain health. We believe this conventional and integrative approach is the future of medicine. By combining these practices, we can uncover the root of your problem and offer a remedy for total health. 

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