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Things are changing rapidly with the global COVID-19 pandemic. A couple of reflections and observations over the last few days are listed below.

The data on the extent of the pandemic is rapidly changing as the US starts to catch up with testing. Regardless of your politics, our country’s attitude is rapidly changing, and some effective action is starting to happen, hopefully it will be quick enough to slow the progression of the virus.

Cases in the US hit 7k more than 5x last week and remains on the exponential curve.

The Oxford data set will let you keep track of individual country trajectories to see when the US starts to slow down

The research is showing that most of the transmission is happening in the population driven by asymptomatic patients, many of them younger. We need everyone to act collectively to have more physical isolation so we can protect the most vulnerable in the population.

At Rezilir we are changing our processes so that patients who need to come into the clinic can feel like they are safe and at low risk of catching an infection. Everyone is wearing masks. It is slowly penetrating the US health care community that EVERYONE should wear some type of mask to slow down dose of transmission, even if it is a scarf or modest face mask.

There is a lot of collaborative work in the medical community on what treatments should be available if someone is diagnosed as having COVID-19. At present many of the European guidelines and the US UpToDate guidelines are including a treatment protocol that involves Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) a drug that we use for many of our Lyme patients. We will be incorporating this into our treatment protocols and can share additional information on these guidelines.

We have also been in collaboration with our other functional medicine colleagues on appropriate immune support protocols and have upgraded our onsite IV protocols. If you need additional Immune Support, please call, we can give you a protocol to have available including a “ramp-up” amount that you can advance to without needing to get an urgent package sent to you.

We are committed to helping you in any way we can! Please continue to reach out and let us know of your victories and concerns.

All the best,

Craig, Tammy and the Rezilir Team

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