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The Current Truth : Mid-July Covid Numbers for Florida

The mid-month numbers for Florida are available today. Here are the comparisons between the last half of June and the first half of July.

  • Cases went from 75k to 149k almost double.
  • Deaths went up, but the case fatality rate decreased further, now down to 0.68%.
  • Hospitalizations went up, but the hospitalization rate decreased further, now down to 3.2%
  • ICU availability is 11%
  • Positivity rate for the first half jumped up from 14% to 19% when looking at all cases (including repeat testing), confirming that higher cases are not due to more testing. A better metric for positivity rate is the rate for new cases only, that number has averaged 14.2%. There are some indications over the last few days that this number is starting to go down but not enough to call a trend.
Positivity RateHospitalization
Jul 1 – Jul 15149,376790,9584,7801,022
June 16 – June 3075,108514,8112,58157414.6%3.4%0.76%
June 1 – June 1521,163408,8351,8454965.2%8.7%2.34%
May 16 – May 3112,953412,5122,4605433.1%19.0%4.19%
May 1 – May 159,520226,4322,1987014.2%23.1%7.36%
April 16- April 3011,179168,8962,4516816.6%21.9%6.09%
April 1 – April 1516,173152,8862,52153210.6%15.6%3.29%
March 1 – March 316,33860,5978237710.5%13.0%1.21%

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