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To request an appointment with our clinical team or for more information on our solutions and services, please complete the form provided or call our office at 786.780.1188. Rezilir is open for all in-person visits, however as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are offering all current and future patients the option of Telemedicine. Our dedicated Rezilir Health® staff will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to our Rezilir family where Hope Is Happening.

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As a new patient, what should I expect during the first appointment visit?

Apr 25th 2017

Becoming A Patient

The initial evaluation requires up to four (4) hours at the clinic for intake, testing and meeting with Dr. Tanio for a 3-hour deep-dive medical evaluation. To treat you and comply with Florida State Medical Board requirements, you will need to be seen in person at our clinic in Hollywood for the initial evaluation.

Step 1 – Registration: We collect the first appointment fee at the time of registration when scheduling your first appointment.

Step 2 – Pre-Appointment: You will be added to Rezilir Health’s Patient Portal (EMR) and be directed to complete extensive questionnaires and surveys. We also need you to provide your prior medical records and lab test results prior to your first appointment.

Step 3 – Physician Assessment: The initial evaluation with Dr. Tanio includes a thorough review of the timeline of your health symptoms, past medical history including family history, analysis of your current lifestyle / social history, physical exam, health goals and objectives, and explore possible suspected root causes. (3 Hours)

Step 4 – Recommendations: After your assessment, we will provide you with Dr. Tanio’s customized recommendations of what will be required to effectively address your health issues for you to review. This may include recommendations for additional diagnostics/testing and an initial treatment plan aimed at optimizing your quality of life and addressing potential underlying “root cause” factors contributing to your health condition. Here are the basic guidelines for being accepted as a patient at Rezilir Health:

1) You must agree to the treatment plan recommended by Dr. Tanio. That includes the ordering of lab tests, specialty labs, additional diagnostic testing supplements, medications, and treatment protocols.

2) For our out-of-town patients, Dr. Tanio can conduct follow-up appointments by phone but may need to see you in person every 3-4 months depending on the complexity of your health issues.

3) If recommended, you must be available to get advanced treatment at our clinic in Hollywood. For more complex patients, it could require 1-2 months of intensive care.

4) Due to the specialty care we provide our patients, Rezilir needs to oversee your treatment at our clinic, as this is too difficult to manage at a distance.

Step 5 – Treatment: Upon agreeing to the treatment plan, we will schedule the required appointments at Rezilir to begin your healing journey.


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