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Herbals and Supplements

Personalized Herbal Supplements

Herbals and Supplements can be very helpful for our patients and at times much more effective and safer than pharmaceuticals. At Rezilir, we only use Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements and Herbs.

Did you know that most supplements available at Whole Foods or GNC are of unreliable quality with insufficient quality testing? The FDA is continually cracking down on vendors for supplements with dangerous untested claims.

At Rezilir Health in South Florida, we have a few core beliefs on personalized supplements:

  • You can’t supplement your way out of an unhealthy diet – food is information and the bad information from unhealthy food is hard to overcome
  • Test, don’t guess – use supplements to address tested and known issues in your metabolism
  • Use Pharmaceutical grade supplements – from proven vendors with the highest standards in the industry

With that in mind, situations where we use supplements and herbals, include:

  • Weight loss and detoxification
  • Healing your gut
  • Addressing hormone issues
  • Improving cognitive decline
  • Addressing mood disorders
  • Improving energy

Why Rezilir Herbals?

There is a need for unique combinations of herbs for patients suffering from Biotoxin Illness (CIRS) due to exposure to mold and other inflammogens, autoimmune disorders, and cognitive decline. These types of patients tend to be very sensitive and can react strongly to certain compounds.

Because of this, we have chosen a selection of herbs that have wide safety marginsand are free from compounds which have been frequently found to trigger reactions (i.e., sterols, amines, saccharides). We also use a delivery method that contains minimal all-natural binders, and no fillers, excipients, colorings, or other additives.

There is a need for an herbal brand that is dosed in an effective manner to ensure patients are getting enough of each active ingredient to improve clinically.

In addition, there is also the need for a product that is as cost-effective as possible for a patient population that is dealing with a large financial burden due to their complex illnesses. Because of this, we have chosen to focus our offerings on herbs that are not only clinically effective but also cost-sensitive.

Rezilir Herbals products are manufactured in a GMP-Certified facilityusing only the highest-quality herb material. All herbs are subjected to species identification; heavy metal, pesticide, and microbe screenings; and a chemical assay of bioactive compounds to ensure that the finished product will be safe and effective.

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