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IntellxxDNA Testing

miami dna testing

A new addition to patient care, we are now offering genomics using IntellxxDNA™. Genomics is the science of small changes called variants in your DNA. IntellxxDNA™ genomics allows us to provide state-of-the-art personalized medicine. Your DNA is ultimately your “book of you” or your “user manual”. 

Getting to know yourself down to the DNA level can truly help you optimize your health. We are excited to announce this DNA Testing Service.

IntellxxDNA™ allows your clinician to look at over 600 variants in your DNA that help make you unique, but also are modifiable and can contribute to chronic diseases such as cognitive decline, detoxification issues, chronic inflammation, chronic infections, autoimmune conditions and more. (Related: Where can I find an Autoimmune doctor?)

Testing of DNA molecules

It also allows me to look at gene variants related to how various nutrients and hormones are transported throughout your body and into your brain and identify nutrients and hormones that you may need more or less of than others.

Chronic illness is not due to one gene, but due to the combination of many small gene variants and how they interact with our diet, lifestyle and environment. Inflammation and genes involved in tissue repair and detoxification also contribute strongly to chronic disease.

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As many of our brain health patients know, cognition and memory concerns come from multiple problems including inflammation, micronutrients, hormones, toxins, and inflammation. Running an IntellxxDNA test will give us additional insights into our current workup including insights on brain growth factors, amyloid processing, clotting factors and brain vitamin and nutrient carriers that we have not been able to measure well with our current suite of tests. 

IntellxxDNA™ can be a powerful additional tool for helping me to guide you with targeted prevention of memory loss. The genes we would explore together are not your destiny but instead your roadmap to staying well. The majority of gene variants in the IntellxxDNA™ report can be “modified” by diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Other patients that have strongly benefited from IntellxxDNA™ and likely will benefit are people with detoxification issues, chronic infections, histamine intolerance and autoimmune conditions.IntellxxDNA™ can also be used to help optimize weight and blood sugar, help you understand some of the underlying contributing factors to heart disease, macular degeneration, cataracts, osteoporosis or other health issues that run in your families.  For others, genomics is just about helping to create overall wellness and personalized prevention.

If you have been a patient at Rezilir Health for a while will IntellxxDNA™ change your treatment?

The answer is yes. There are new insights to your health from genomics that cannot be picked up with biomarkers and imaging. For example, there are changes to proteins called transporters and receptors where nutrients have problems getting into cells.

In addition, patients on complex regimens will find there are opportunities to dramatically simplify their regimen because we are able to get better guidance from genomics on which treatments will have the most benefits.

Dr. Craig Tanio

What if you have had a 23&Me test done already?

IntellxxDNA is more accurate on several critical gene variants that require additional PCR testing. In addition, all of the insights from treatment are supported by research in the peer reviewed medical literature, which is updated on a quarterly basis as part of the IntellxxDNA solution. 

Be sure and listen to our podcast “Your DNA is Not Your Destiny” with Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD, FAAFP, ABOIHM – IntellxxDNA and Dr. Craig Tanio, MD, FACP, IFMCP as they discuss the tremendous breakthroughs using genomics, and Miami DNA Testing.

Craig Tanio, MD, FACP, IFMCP & the Rezilir Health Team

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