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We have all heard of the saying”You are what you eat”but with the foods often consumed in the standard American diet (SAD) we are more likely than ever before to develop chronic illnesses due food processing and low nutrient content in the foods available to us. The way we nourish our bodies is the foundation for disease prevention and optimal health.

Changes in our food supply and the SAD diet have contributed to the growing epidemic of chronic disease. Often these chronic conditions are treated with pharmaceuticals to control symptoms, but the root causes of these illnesses are never explored or treated.

At Rezilir Health, serving Miami, Hollywood, and the whole of South Florida, we prioritize nutrition from a functional perspective to determine the right diet for each individual patient using food as medicine to maximize healing and reverse dysfunction and disease. There is no “one size fits all” approach to diet therapy.

Jannell Baez, MS, RDN, LD/N
Jannell Baez (bilingual Spanish/English) has been a practicing Registered Dietitian for over 20 years.

Our Registered Dietitian considers factors such as diagnosis, genetics, lifestyle, environment and culture when tailoring diet recommendations for our patients. Our approach to diet therapy involves using scientifically sound diet modifications that emphasize organic whole foods providing enough nutrients to support all body systems as well as working hand in hand with other treatment modalities.

What we eat can either help us heal and thrive or can act as a toxic substance in our bodies. Food not only offers the calories that fuel our body’s metabolism, but it is also information for our bodies on a cellular level affecting how our genes are expressed and how our bodies are able to tolerate daily stressors such as environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses.

The vitamins and minerals in the food we eat can either enhance, or if lacking can impair bodily functions such as detoxification, inflammation, immune system function, and cell structure/function. The human body has an amazing capacity for healing when it is provided with optimal nutrition and a health promoting lifestyle. Optimizing your diet can have a large impact on how you feel and how you heal.

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Proper nutrition is keyfor prevention and management of all chronic illnesses whether you are dealing with autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia or other chronic inflammatory illnesses.

Patients at Rezilir Health can expect individualized health care based on how their lifestyle is affecting their health and can rely on the support and encouragement of our staff throughout their healing journey.

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