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Rezilir Home

Rezilir Health® offers “Rezilir Home” where we come to your home, office or building and assess your indoor air quality and identify possible environmental hazards reducing your quality of life.

environmental mold testing
Rezilir Home has Council-certified Indoor Environmental Professionals and currently offers a variety of indoor environmental assessment and consulting services in order to help customers including:

  • Home environmental assessments to assess for indoor air quality including mold, actinomyces, endotoxin, moisture, particle counts, volatile organic chemicals, and electromagnetic fields.
  • Assessment of the propensity of a house to get water damage issues in the future, which can be ideal for potential real estate purchases
  • Consulting and coaching on steps to reduce indoor air pollution especially for customers with environmental sensitivities
  • Environmental Mold Testing in Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas

All of our testing methods are non-invasive.
We will never drill or cut holes in your walls or ceilings.

Florida state law requires that all Mold Assessors take a minimum of one physical sample from each location being investigated for the presence of mold. We offer multiple options for physical testing and based on their initial impressions our Indoor Environmental Professionals will recommend the test that they feel will provide the most pertinent information to suit you and your location’s needs.

In addition to home assessments, we also offer consultations regarding:

  • Small particle cleaning
  • How to properly perform an ERMI / HERTSMI
  • Interpretation of ERMI / HERTSMI
  • Review of previously completed assessment reports

An increasing amount of research is pointing to poor indoor air quality as a root cause of multiple chronic conditions ranging from autoimmune disorders to neurodegenerative conditions to medically unexplained symptoms. In particular, residents in Florida face unique challenges with water damage to their homes from hurricanes and climate-related changes.

Many of these challenges can be prevented with the adoption of new technologies and techniques in housing design ranging from mold-resistant drywall to low chemical materials to improved home air systems.



Rezilir Home is partnering with architects and builders to develop affordable healthy housing.

Please contact us at if you would like further updates on this exciting initiative, available soon in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Miami Florida.


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