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Rezilir’s Dr. Tanio appears on Hope & Health Podcast!

Jul 8th 2024 | By Rezilir Staff

Haylie Pomroy is joined by Dr. Craig Tanio, Co-Founder of Rezilir Health

Last week, Dr. Craig Tanio of Rezilir Health was interviewed by New York Times #1 Best Selling Author and the former Assistant Director of Integrative Medicine Program at the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, Haylie Pomroy.

Dr. Craig Tanio is the Co-Founder of Rezilir Health and an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University. In this podcast, they discuss brain health and its importance for those with chronic illnesses.

Dr. Tanio is an expert in how the immune system interacts with the brain and how to manage chronic diseases. He discusses how brain health treatments have changed, why a whole-body approach is important, and the latest research findings. Dr. Tanio also offers ideas on tailoring treatment plans and providing complete care for people with thinking problems and long-term health conditions.

Don’t miss this episode as Haylie and Dr. Tanio share valuable advice, practical strategies, and a compassionate perspective on improving brain health and managing chronic conditions.

Key points:
00:00 Introduction
05:44 The role of generalists in medicine.
07:04 Evolution of integrative medicine.
09:21 Challenges in healthcare and holistic approaches.
11:02 Importance of multimodal interventions.
12:28 Personalizing patient care and fostering hope.
14:39 Acupuncture and placebo effect debate.
18:04 Effective communication with doctors.
20:41 Rezilir Health’s practice principles.
21:59 Importance of evidence-informed medicine.
22:59 Collaborative mindset in integrative medicine.
23:39 Problem with proprietary healthcare systems.
26:11 Using biomarkers to track progress.
27:44 Advances in diagnostics and insurance coverage.
29:21 Addressing asymptomatic COVID-19 cognitive issues.
30:40 Importance of specific cognitive diagnostics.
32:42 Long COVID symptoms and brain health.
33:13 Cognitive issues in older COVID-19 patients.
37:14 Progress in personalized medicine and trials.
40:00 Recruitment for cognitive decline trial.

Dr. Craig Tanio, MD, FACP is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rezilir Health. He is a seasoned physician with extensive experience in integrative medicine, focusing on treating complex chronic conditions.

Dr. Tanio has held leadership roles in prestigious healthcare organizations and is dedicated to personalized, patient-centered care. His innovative approach combines conventional and holistic treatments, aiming to optimize the health and well-being of his patients.

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