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Herbal Therapies

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Mother Nature first gifted us plants as the original medicine. While pharmaceuticals will always have their place in medicine, there’s no denying that the evidence of herbal, plant-based remedies dates back over 60,000 years, as far back as civilization itself.

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At Rezilir Health™, we are proud advocates of the responsible administration of herbal supplements as a natural means of health improvement and restoration. By having a certified Herbalist and Herbal Pharmacy onsite in the Miami area, we strive to offer an affordable selection of herbs and herbal supplements for our patients.

Our understanding of the disease processes applicable to the autoimmune, neurological, and inflammatory conditions that we treat are paramount in maximizing treatment safety and efficacy for patients. We avoid triggering compounds in herbs, such as histamine liberators, biogenic amines, sterols, saccharides, and others.

Herbs are considered to be safe and effective when prescribed by a licensed provider. Your Rezilir clinician will take a detailed history and review your case to recommend the herbs and herbal supplements that would best aid you in achieving optimal health.

All herbs in our clinic have been lot-tested to ensure that they are free of pesticides, heavy metals, sulfur, and toxins. Each herb and/or herbal supplement is thoroughly examined to verify that it is the correct genus and species, and each comes with its own Certificate of Analysis.


Herbs may be taken orally in pill form, powder, tincture (alcohol extract), glycerite (glycerin extract), infusion (oil), or decoction (tea). Additionally, they can also be administered topically as a salve, balm, ointment, or liniment, taken internally as a suppository or douche, applied in eye drops, ear drops, sinus rinses, and a host of other possibilities.

Some herbs are also available as injectable drugs such as arnica and licorice, two that we commonly use at Rezilir.

With so much conversation about prescription drugs often focused on matters of artificial or synthetic invention, many don’t realize that over 50% of drugs on the market are either extracted from plants, created from modified plant chemicals, or designed to mimic plant compounds (such as aspirin, lovastatin, taxol, and penicillin).

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In fact, 11% of drugs considered “basic and essential” by the World Health Organization are exclusively derived from flowering plants. A sobering anecdote indeed, for if these plants should become extinct, humans will have no way to produce these medications artificially.

By partaking of an herbal regimen, either as a supplement or as a part of their diet, patients are exposed to a wide array of beneficial chemical compounds.

However, “natural” or no, it is of utmost importance that a licensed healthcare professional oversee any form of herbal therapy, as many herb-drug and herb-herb interactions may reduce the efficacy of treatment or have dangerous effects.

Visit Our Herbal Pharmacy in South Florida

At Rezilir Health, we offer an affordable selection of herbs and herbal supplements through our Herbal Pharmacy. Plant-based products are considered safe and effective when prescribed by a licensed provider – thus, our certified Miami Herbalist is ready to consult with you. We offer the best herbal supplements available on the market free of heavy metals, pesticides, sulfur, and toxins.

According to archaeological evidence, the use of medicinal herbs and plants dates back to the Paleolithic age –which was approximately 60,000 years ago. Herbal Medicine, also referred to as natural or traditional medicine, has been used across many continents using similar plants for medicinal purposes. Although an herbalist may not legally diagnose a patient, natural remedies are still pursued by patients who also rely on pharmaceuticals. Using the best of both worlds can make a huge difference in healing.

As we briefly mentioned above, the World Health Organization considers a certain percentage of plants as “essential” to creating pharmaceutical drugs today. Certain types of drugs like codeine and morphine contain plant-derived ingredients. Some of the most popular (and influential) medicinal plants include chamomile, ginkgo, lavender, flax seeds, primrose oil, and turmeric. If you live in South Florida, visit our certified Herbalist onsite to learn more about the benefits of using natural medicine.

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