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Manual Therapies

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Rezilir Health proudly features a diverse wheelhouse of manual therapy options to serve your immediate or chronic condition, without the “high-tech” veneer that sometimes intimidates patients away from seeing through their prescribed treatment plan.

For example, the stimulation of acupressure points via massage is widely available at our clinic for patients who may decidedly benefit.

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  • Tui Na (pronounced “twee nah”) is a traditional form of Chinese massage therapy offered at Rezilir, but unique unto itself in that it doesn’t involve the use of liniments or massage oils.

    Relying instead on the friction generated between the practitioner’s hands and the patient’s skin to generate heat and to warm and relax the muscles, it may be applied by rolling, shaking, pressing, and kneading in order to rouse acupuncture points and meridians (channels).

    The tone of such a session might be gentle and tranquil, or firm and invigorating depending on the patient’s needs or constitution.
  • Cupping is another form of manual therapy available at Rezilir, and uses discreetly applied suction cups to lift and separate the muscles and fascia (sheets of connective tissue), breaking up accumulations (affectionately referred to by patients as “knots” or “crunchies”).

    Rezilir practitioners use sanitized glass cups accompanied by a flame to create the effect of suction, the flame safely kept at bay and never nearing the patient or causing risk of burn.

    The circular marks left behind on the skin serve as a treatment guide, the darker the mark often signifying the greater the need or likelihood of pain or stagnation under the skin.

  • Gua Sha also known as Scraping uses a ceramic tool to deeply massage tissues. Scraping is directed at breaking up accumulations, without the lifting, separating the effect of cupping.

    Its application leaves behind marks appearing as long “streaks,” yet similar to those resulting from cupping in that the increased stagnation at a given point is indicated by the darkness thereof.

    The name “gua sha” bears a root meaning of “to scrape sand,” and is a direct reference to the temporary impressions left after treatment which resemble scattered grains of sand. This modality sometimes is also referred to by alternative names such as “spooning” or “coining”.

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