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The Benefits of Hollywood Florida on Brain Health

By Christopher Dietrich, Vice President of Growth and Development

brain health in hollywood florida

There are plenty of reasons why Hollywood, Florida, is a prime destination for senior citizens. Easy visits to a breathtaking beach? You got it. Tasty food? Check. First-rate concerts? Yup. So how does this type of environment relate to Brain Health?

One of the most important things you can do to keep your brain in check is staying active. Both physically and mentally. Having a schedule and attending outdoor events keeps your brain healthy. The sunshine helps regulate a regular sleep cycle, and exposure to fresh air and socializing with others helps reduce stress.

As a resident, whether you’re a senior citizen or younger, you can reap the benefits of a laid-back lifestyle found in Hollywood, Florida. The community is unlike no other, and the climate is warm with some humidity all year round.

300 Days of Sunshine

It’s no secret that gloomy days go hand in hand with a grim mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) affects about 10 million Americans each year. The data shows that being exposed to more sunshine (and vitamin D) is healthy for your mood and brain health.

The locals claim that they get about 300 days of sunshine year-round. As mentioned above, living in the sunshine state can benefit your brain’s overall health. Recently, researchers at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) found light affects brain areas that regulate mood. Overall, you’ll be happier and get better sleep as a resident in Florida.

Fun Activities and Unique Community

Hollywood, Florida, is the perfect place to explore. Not only can you attend dozens of festivals year-round, but there are plenty of activities to partake in at local pubs and restaurants, especially in the summer.

Try exotic plates of food at the Las Oras Wine & Food Festival, or attend the Orange Blossom Festival, a music and heritage festival that takes place in Lake Wales, centrally located between Tampa and Orlando.

Rent prices in the area are pretty affordable compared to other sunshine states like California. In summary, there is no more excellent place to retire than Hollywood, Florida.

Plus, did you know that some of the best medical care is found in this region? If you or someone you know has early-onset dementia or requires Alzheimer’s care, give us a call. Rezilir Health delivers the best of conventional and integrative medicine and is easily accessible from Miami, Hollywood, West Palm, Boca Raton, and South Florida.

Learn more about Brain Health by calling or visiting Rezilir Health in Hollywood Florida. Inset image by @anibal_paradisi.

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