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COVID-19: Facts and Prevention (aka coronavirus)

By Craig Tanio, MD, FACP, IFMCP


There are a number of issues that have come up regarding the COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) global pandemic. We will be a reliable source of medical information on this and other answers for our community, so we are attaching answers to our most recent Frequently Asked questions.

What are the best sources for information?

At Johns Hopkins University (where Dr. Tanio is a faculty member) has set up a real-time dashboard for the US government. The data is updated on current statistics globally of virus spread and deaths. Here is the link:

Our World in Data is run by Oxford which is tracking disease trajectories by countries. The key concept to understand is the doubling rate by country when the rates start to slow down we will know that our collective actions as citizens are making a difference. You can readily see the difference that Hong Kong and Singapore have made in managing the disease by an effective public health infrastructure in these charts.

How can I personally help to stop the spread of the virus?

Every citizen’s actions can make a difference in slowing the peak of the infection and in “flattening the curve”. This prevents ICU cases from “spiking” in a location which can overwhelm local ICU capacity. It is an important aspect of us being a moral and altruistic citizen. Actions in the next few weeks can make a collective difference for our fellow citizens.

For example, if everyone follows the CDC’s recommendation on handwashing that action alone can slow the spread of the virus by 200-300%. Rezilir has increased the availability of hand sanitizer at handwashing stations across the center. Our staff follows strict guidelines on the importance of handwashing, including using paper towels to close the door once done. The notion of “social distancing” or more accurately “physical distancing” is another effective strategy against the virus spreading. Recently enacted public policies to close schools and reduce any crowd size less than 10 are sound and we should do our best to cooperate.

Making decisions to avoid crowds will reduce your overall chance of getting an infection by orders of magnitude (ten-fold or a hundred-fold for that time period). There is a recent March 2nd paper on this topic.

Individual patients and households can take the following type of actions: ·

  • Enhanced hand sanitization
  • Avoid handshakes (e.g., fist bumps)
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces regularly
  • “Welcome if you are well” signs on your front door
  • Working out of your home if your employer allows this
  • Promote cough and sneeze etiquette

Is my immune system compromised?

This issue comes up in multiple segments of our population. Many of our patients are over 65 or 80 two age cutoffs used to describe patients that more immune-compromised.

In addition, several of our patients have CIRS, Lyme, and other chronic infections and chronic inflammations. These conditions led to reduced immune system responses particularly in the innate immune system (T cells) as well as the humoral immune system (B cells, immunoglobulins). Patients with any of these conditions should see their immune system as compromised and should be particularly vigilant about social distancing and hand washing

What should I do to protect my health?

Over the counter remedies like nonsteroidal drugs, antihistamines and decongestants can suppress some of the symptoms associated with cold and flu but have done nothing to prevent the cold or flu or shorten the duration of infections.

Get a flu shot if recommended for your particular age and setting. While not protective of the COV-19 the shot is protective for this years’ strains of influenza. Your Rezilir team can answer questions about your particular situation. A number of other actions are effective to protect your health including

  • Rest: It is not easy to make time for yourself but even a few short rest periods throughout the day can make a big difference in your immune support.
  • Diet: Moving to a low glycemic index diet can improve immune response. Focus on vegetables and high- quality proteins.
  • Sinus Care: Using the Navage or other nasal rinse system can help to improve your nasal passages and reduce the virus’ ability to take hold
  • Sleep: Sleep deprivation suppresses your immune system’s innate ability to act as the first line of defense Vitamin D & C: Confirm that your Vitamin D and C levels are in their optimal ranges
  • Zinc: Zinc deficiency is very common in those with chronic diseases and adding a zinc lozenge can be a good protective measure.
  • Raw garlic can boost your natural killer immune cells – you can eat this up to four times a day.

How can I boost my immune system?

For any small trips or strains on your immune system that are predictable, we have put together our Rezilir Flu Package. They are used for a short period of time when there is high-level exposure as opposed to an indefinite time that could last for months. The Rezilir pack has the following ingredients:

Viragraphis – Take 3 capsules twice daily for three days.

  • Contains 3 strong antiviral herbs- Andrographis, Licorice Root, and Isatis.
  • Used traditional for immune support and stimulation.
  • The flu packs contain a number of supportive agents that have anti-microbial, anti-viral and immune-boosting effects.

K2-D3 10,000 IU – Take 2 capsules twice daily for three days.

  • Contains concentrated vitamin D3 and K2; the most bioavailable forms with maximum health benefits.
  • Essential nutrients for a healthy immune system, these vitamins also enhance circulation and cardiovascular health.

Immune Essentials – Take 3 capsules once daily for three days.

  • Contains vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, and β-glucan; best suited for strong, short-term immune support.
  • Supports healthy immune function and antioxidant activity.

Vitamin A: If a patient wants to make the flu pack, they can also add Vitamin A 50,000 IU twice a day for 3 days.

If your state of health is compromised so that it would be best supportive by an intravenous package, we have put go together 3- and 5-day protocols of an “Immunity IV” that can jump-start your immune system.

Finally, we also have available a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula called Shuang-Huang-Lin which was found to help in China for the prior SARS outbreak and is currently being tested in clinical trials for COVID-19. The specifics for the formula have been discussed in detail by Dr. Stephen Buhner a published herbalist who we have referred to in several of our formulations. The pdf link for the formula is listed here.

It is not FDA approved for COV-19.

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