A world-class interdisciplinary clinical team committed to healing patients and communities

Rezilir Health™ is committed to helping patients and communities learn how to achieve optimal health. We believe it is our duty to deliver healthcare as it should be by spending quality time with our patients, listening to what they have to say and working together as a team to determine the best treatment plan so they can begin true healing and live a healthy, sustainable life.

Rezilir™ believes that one approach to medicine is not enough to keep you healthy -- We see the whole picture

We help reverse chronic conditions by implementing an investigative and functional approach throughout our diagnosis process. This approach not only uncovers the root causes of your condition, but it helps direct our healing strategy. Our team is all board-certified in both conventional medicine as well as functional and integrative medicines. With this ranging skill set, we are able to bring the “best of both worlds” while integrating the latest technology and methods into your treatment.  We take the time to analyze all factors that may influence your health like your environment and lifestyle. When we feel we have assessed the big picture and we truly understand your needs and the needs of your body, we will work together to create a personalized game plan. During this step of the process, we emphasize the importance of your fundamentals of health – purpose, movement, food, and recovery, all of which are specific to you and your genetic makeup.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent chronic conditions by educating patients on how to change their lifestyle and behaviors to optimize their health and to establish a resilience to sickness. We do this by arranging customized care for communities, social interest groups, and anyone who has the desire or need to live a healthier, happier life.


We believe in a collaborative, healing relationship centered around our patient’s goals.


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