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Do I have to schedule a blood draw? How much will the lab tests cost?

Mar 18th 2020

Insights into the laboratory tests and biomarkers help elucidate and diagnose the patient’s specific pathophysiologic condition and helps to track improvement over time.  The initial round of diagnostic lab tests the physician orders for you will be determined during your assessment.

hyperbaric chamber RezilirThe labs and tests we order are customized per patient and can range $500 – $1500 – $3500 and even higher depending on your health issues. The tests ordered will be customized for you and include measures of inflammation, glucose metabolism, hormones, heavy metals, biotoxins, chronic inflammatory conditions, cytoprotection, and barrier leaks and extensive genetic testing.

Given the nature of our specialized diagnostic testing we prefer to draw labs on-site whenever possible as that leads to more accurate and timely data. However, Rezilir is unable to guarantee insurance coverage for the lab tests we order.

Labs eligible for insurance can be drawn and billed by Rezilir OR you can go through your insurance and have them drawn at a draw station such as LabCorp or Quest. LabCorp and Quest can run insurance checks at their draw stations.

For the specialty labs not eligible for insurance, Rezilir will run the blood draw on-site, and bill you for those tests. The laboratory results can take up to 3-4 weeks given the specialized nature of some of the genetic and inflammatory testing. You will receive all final lab results and be guided through their interpretation at your follow-up visit with the physician.

The lab draw can done through a local phlebotomy service scheduled at your home.


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