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Infrared Sauna Miami

The infrared sauna

One of the most common uses of a Far infrared saunas (FIR) is to assist your body to get rid of toxins. Especially if patients do not sweat regularly, the use of FIR acts as a vehicle to help release these toxins.

Our infrared sauna’s are available to anyone interested in stopping by our offices, a convenient drive from anywhere in the Miami area.

Many of our patients have significant challenges with ongoing toxin exposures including exposure to:

  • Pesticides, such as organophosphates
  • Mercury and other heavy metals coming from dental fillings and fish
  • Phthalates coming from plastic wrap and bottles

Air pollution and water pollution are only a small part of the toxicity story. Many environmental toxins come from household products or exposures such as living next to a golf course.

Other uses where the FIR has facilitated in healing include:

  • Brain Fog ~ see below (we have specialists in Hollywood and Miami)
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Systemic pain
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Stress management
  • Heavy metal poisoning including Mercury
  • Fatigue (chronic fatigue specialists)

We believe that the use of far infrared technology is the safest for our patients. It helps the body to eliminate a wide variety of toxins through sweat. This can result in positive changes in your energy, moods, sleep patterns, mental acuity and complexion… just to name a few improvements.

Lemon water

Our infrared sauna also uses poplar, which is a very low toxin wood and the infrared device is low EMF as well.

Please pay attention to your hydration before and after the sauna. It is also very important to focus on your minerals while using the sauna.

You should be especially mindful of your magnesium intake. Also, concentrate on your calcium and potassium; often called the tri-salts. They are essential to a healthy detoxification.

You must listen to your body and pay attention to the information it gives you. Also, please remember that you should always speak with your Rezilir clinician before implementing any changes to your health-care regimen.

Get in touch with Rezilir Health for more information on Miami infrared sauna health benefits!

Brain Fog: Reignite Your Mental Spark with Functional Medicine

As functional medicine practitioners, we frequently encounter patients struggling with the frustrating mental fog – that cloudiness hindering focus, memory, and overall cognitive function. While conventional medicine often overlooks this issue, functional medicine delves deeper, seeking the root cause and implementing holistic solutions.

One promising tool we often employ to combat Brain Fog? Infrared saunas.

These saunas use light waves to gently heat your body, promoting detoxification and increased blood flow. This duo delivers several potential benefits for clearing brain fog:

  1. Enhanced Detoxification: Brain fog can stem from accumulated toxins that impair brain function. Infrared saunas induce sweating, helping eliminate toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and environmental pollutants, potentially improving cognitive clarity.
  2. Boosted Circulation:The heat from infrared saunas increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. This improved circulation can revitalize brain cells and enhance cognitive function.
  3. Reduced Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is linked to various health issues, including brain fog. Infrared saunas’ deep heat may help reduce inflammation throughout the body, potentially improving cognitive function and overall well-being.
  4. Improved Sleep:Brain fog often thrives on poor sleep. Infrared sauna sessions can promote relaxation and deeper sleep, leading to improved cognitive function and sharper thinking.
  5. Stress Reduction: Stress is a major brain fog trigger. The calming environment of an infrared sauna session can help promote relaxation and manage stress, potentially improving cognitive function and mood.
She is preparing for exams

It’s important to note:Infrared saunas aren’t a magic bullet, and addressing the underlying cause of your brain fog is crucial. However, incorporating them into a holistic treatment plan alongside dietary adjustments, stress management, and addressing any underlying conditions can be a powerful tool to reclaim your mental clarity.

Remember: Consult your healthcare professional before using an infrared sauna, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

The History of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are usually designed to look like traditional saunas, although there is no conduction and convection from the heated air, just radiation. John Harvey Kellogg of Battlecreek, Michigan, invented this type of sauna technology in 1891. His incandescent electric light bath, as it was referred to at the time, promoted healing in the body as the heated bath enabled sweat quicker than other baths at the time.

The infrared sauna caught the attention of King Edward VII of England and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, who both had radiant heat baths set up in their homes. Soon enough, other countries followed suit, and infrared saunas were popping up in public bathhouses. The infrared sauna lost some popularity over time but was revived in the 1970s in Japan. The Japanese started using the dated technology for newborns who needed “soothing warmth therapy” in their neonatal beds.

Infrared light therapy is sought out for faster health results than traditional saunas because the light emitted is directly felt by the body in the form of radiated heat. This means that the room’s air does not need to be heated first.

Get in touch with Rezilir Health for more information on infrared sauna health benefits!

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