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Miami Dietitian

It seems that every few months there is a new diet trend being adopted by people to achieve a weight loss or health goal. The internet and social media provide a wealth of information but with the risk of the information not being applicable to you as an individual or actually causing more harm than healing or health.

Dietary recommendations are based on the individual needs of each person.  Influences on nutritional therapy include health status, vitamin and mineral levels, gastrointestinal function, level of physical activity, food preferences, genetics and ability to follow the diet recommendations.

Once all of these factors are taken into account, a highly individualized diet can be developed to meet the patient’s specific needs.

Improve Your Nutrition, South Florida!

  • Nutrition Education and Coaching Tailored to Your Needs:

    Making healthful lifestyle changes can be challenging given the overwhelming amount of information available. Our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist will assess your specific dietary needs while taking into consideration your health goals and lifestyle. Making healthful dietary changes will be less daunting with support and encouragement from the healthcare professionals at Rezilir.  Our Registered Miami Dietitian/Nutritionist will be your partner in achieving your health goals and adjust your health plan as you progress in your treatment based on your needs. 

  • Grocery store tour and shopping with our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

    Grocery stores continue expanding the number of products available to consumers but often there are unclear messages on food products which can lead to confusion about what exactly is the most healthful food choice.Let our Registered Dietitian be your guide to help navigate the food choices available at the grocery store. Learn which foods are best to include on your shopping list to promote health and which foods to avoid.

  • Pantry Make-Over:

    The most effective way to follow a healthful eating pattern is to make sure your home is stocked with healthy food choices. Getting rid of processed foods that contain high amounts of sugar and inflammatory fats are the first steps to cleaning up your pantry in order to avoid temptation and support your healthy lifestyle.  Our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist will guide you in optimizing the foods in your homeand educate you on why certain foods are desirable versus those that should be avoided. **This service is available virtually as well as in person.

  • Community Education:

    Community wellness education is an important factor in promoting better health to those who are unable to have access to a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist on a one on one basis. Speaking engagements for schools, corporate wellness programs and the like are available to increase nutrition in Southern Florida, and wellness knowledge among our friends and neighbors.  Our goal is to help participants and their families live healthier happier lives.

  • Group Classes at Rezilir Health:

    Group classes provide education with a sense of community and support from others that have similar health and healing goals. Subjects covered will include diet and lifestyle recommendations to live a healthy and active life while avoiding things that may interfere with your health goals. Subscribe to our email list to be informed of all upcoming classes at Rezilir.

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