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Rezilir Health Shop FAQ

Why Rezilir Herbals?

There is a need for unique combinations of herbs for patients suffering from Biotoxin Illness (CIRS) due to exposure to mold and other inflammogens, autoimmune disorders, and cognitive decline. These types of patients tend to be very sensitive and can react strongly to certain compounds.

Because of this, we have chosen a selection of herbs that have wide safety margins and are free from compounds which have been frequently found to trigger reactions (i.e., sterols, amines, saccharides). We also use a delivery method that contains minimal all-natural binders, and no fillers, excipients, colorings, or other additives.

There is also a need for an herbal brand that is dosed in an effective manner to ensure patients are getting enough of each active ingredient to improve clinically. Because of this, we offer our herbs in a standardized 5:1 extract ratio (5g of “raw” herb equals 1g of granular extract) and provide 1g measures to ensure safety and accuracy in dosing.

We offer a product that is as cost-effective as possible for a patient population that is dealing with a large financial burden due to their complex illnesses. Because of this, we have chosen to focus our offerings on herbs that are not only clinically effective but also cost-sensitive.  

How are the granular extracts manufactured?

Rezilir Herbals products are manufactured in a GMP-Certified facility using only the highest-quality herb material. All herbs are subjected to species identification; heavy metal, pesticide, and microbe screenings; and a chemical assay of bioactive compounds to ensure that the finished product will be safe and effective.

Once the raw material has been verified, it is mixed with pure water and heated to extract the chemical compounds from the plant material (like making a strong tea). During this process, essential oils that would normally be lost during the heating process are captured and returned to the mixture.

Finally, this liquid mixture is freeze-dried and powdered with a binder to make the finished product. Wherever possible, we use powdered pieces of the plant itself as a binder, but occasionally a small amount of non-GMO corn starch must be used to achieve the correct dryness. If you are sensitive to corn starch, a maltodextrin base can be used upon request (pricing may differ).

How do I take my herbal granules?

Our granular extracts are essentially a freeze-dried herbal tea – to reconstitute, you simply need to add water! We recommend adding about 4oz (1/2 cup) of water for every 5g (5 scoops) of herbal granules, then stirring until well-mixed.

You may drink your tea warm, cold, or at room temperature; just use your ideal temperature of water. The only thing we ask is that you do not boil the water as this will cause the loss of some active compounds in certain herbs. Simply heat the water to your ideal drinking temperature and mix.

If you prefer, you may take your herbal granules by mixing them in with a smoothie, applesauce, yoghurt, or whatever you prefer. If you dislike the taste of your granules, we can compound them into capsules for a small fee. However, we recommend using the granular form wherever possible for improved absorption.

If you lose your gram scoop, you may substitute ½ tsp of granules for one scoop.

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