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Hope is Happening

Conventional medicine tells us there is no hope for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

  At Rezilir Health we believe that memory loss can be prevented

Hope is happening

Everything that’s gone on at Rezilir is completely unique in terms of our relationships with doctors. They have a true concern, and you can feel it. They react to situations, and they want to know what’s going on and why something’s wrong.  The closeness of that has made this… almost enjoyable.

Alzheimer's Sufferers

​Linc Miller

​Founder of USOER

​Patient Testimonial

​Meet Peg and Linc Miller

​​What will the treatment be like?

We start with a six-week evaluation process where you receive an in-depth evaluation and have over 100 different prioritized tests of metabolic parameters.

We do a customized assessment for each individual that uncovers the root causes of their memory problems. Testing includes assessment of genetic risk factors, inflammation, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies, hormones, toxins, cognitive function and brain imaging including MRI volumetrics.

We then develop a highly-customized game plan that includes lifestyle changes, brain training, nutritional supplements as well as medications when necessary.

​​What will be expected of ​the patient?

We expect that our patients will want to invest in their health and will do the work necessary to achieve excellent results. This includes the work to fill out the questionnaires before the initial visit and most importantly some of the changes in behaviors necessary to create a healthy lifestyle.

You can expect careful listening from the physician as they create a customized game plan for you.

​​What sort of results can be expected?

Usually our patients first notice that the rate of their cognitive deterioration slows or stops. Any improvement in cognitive functioning is a very promising initial response. Often it may take a good 3-6 months of treatment before noticing symptomatic changes.

Our experience over the last year is that eligible patients who follow our program stop deteriorating and feel healthier greater than 90% of the time and start to improve their cognitive functioning more than 60% of the time.

​Who is Craig Tanio, MD?

​Craig Tanio is the CEO and Founder of Rezilir Health®. He has spent more than 25 years building and developing innovative models of health care delivery. His clinical practice is focused on helping patients reverse chronic conditions including patients with cognitive decline, early Alzheimer’s and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

​He was featured in the New York Times #1 best seller, “The End of Alzheimer’s” for ​his participation and contribution to the ReCODE ™ Protocol for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Health.  He is currently leading the development of Rezilir’s ​own ROAD (Remission of Alzheimer’s Disease) program that draws from the protocol as well as additional insights from other research.

He is board certified in internal medicine and functional medicine.

He practices a healthy lifestyle and enjoys traveling, reading, mountaineering, paddle boarding and surfing.

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